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Wolf Fit

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Website Development
Wolf Fit

Wolf Fit is a Raleigh-based training facility focusing on strength & recovery.

Remarq was approached by the owners of WOLF FIT, looking for an integrated solution for their in-house clientele while cultivating leads online for virtual physical training.

We found two solutions that exponentially increase their business opportunities:

  1. Modern Website
  2. Companion App
An app designed to manage trainers and clients, future-proof & ready to scale.

These solutions were easy enough to come up with. But they are important for a number of reasons:

  • Infrastructure for scaling in the future
  • Future clients & affiliated trainers can all be managed from the same interface
  • Marketing & promotional efforts are now centralized around one ecosystem
Their new website serves as a client hub, completed with content & e-commerce sections.

How does this improve their business?

Remarq provided two easy-to-implement solutions that, on the surface, seem relatively simple.

However, for most small-business owners, they simply do not have the ability to decipher (out of the thousands of SaaS options) which will be best for their budget, usability, and most importantly, scalability of their business.

With many of the components ready, WOLF FIT just needed a little 'push' in the right direction to significantly impact their capacities as a business.

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