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Valentine Media

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Branding Development
Valentine Media

Valentine Media is a freelance marketing agency, looking to expand bandwidth.

Remarq was approached by Valentine Media, with directions to help in one facet: optimizing existing systems to create more bandwidth for further projects.

We found three solutions to increase business opportunities:

  1. Standard Operating Procedure Development
  2. Client Communication
  3. Management of Freelancers
When one person runs an agency, if proper infrastructure isn't set into place, it will mean trouble.

How Remarq nurtured Valentine Media into expanding operations...

  • Workloads reduced through automated nurturing systems
  • Synchronization of client-to-freelancer communication
  • Standard operating procedures were created to streamline methodologies

How does this improve Valentine Media's business?

Remarq provided several systems which not only allow Valentine Media to expand their operations with new systems, but also allow them to easily on-board new freelancers into their workflows — seamlessly.

The easiest challenges to an agency come in the form of blind-spots. When one person is behind the wheel of an entire company, sometimes, they don't know what they don't know. Remarq was able to provide Valentine Media with specialized solutions for this exact reason.

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