Business Development

Tim M. Clarke, Realtor

Our Role
Marketing Development
2020 - 2021

Tim M. Clarke is a prominent Realtor, looking to expand his 'Sphere-of-Influence'.

Remarq was approached by Tim, with directions to help in several facets: business optimization, marketing, branding, and appearing consistently across all platforms.

We found several solutions that increase his business opportunities:

  1. Digital Marketing Systems Development
  2. Search Engine Optimization
  3. Advertising; Media Production
  4. Visual Design; Social Media
Through our networks & experience, Remarq was able to elevate Tim's content to heights unseen.

How Remarq created a digital marketing system that acts as Tim's "gravity" online...

  • Workloads reduced through automated internet-based tools
  • Synchronization of content development & distribution
  • Marketing & promotional efforts are now centralized around one ecosystem
Tim's new website, complete with current listings, a blog, and allowing for direct contact with potential clientele.

How does this improve Tim's business?

Remarq provided several new systems which not only allow Tim to receive more clients, they are cultivated with personalized automations. We also created marketing strategies, multimedia content, & process documentation for the sake of simplification.

To these clients, they feel like Tim is giving them extra-special attention, but a great majority of this work was set down ahead of time.This allows Tim to focus on the parts of his business which ultimately require more of his direct involvement.

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