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Client Spotlight

Tim M. Clarke

Real estate in the digital world

Tim Clarke is a hard-working Realtor in the Triangle, representing Coldwell Banker HPW, one of the top real estate firms in the Raleigh-Durham area.

Tim is passionate about his real estate career, and seeks to stay ahead of the game when it comes to market education, trends, and technology in all four corners of the Triangle Market.

He’s developed a system utilizing principles for showing, promoting, and selling real estate over the past decade. This includes unique marketing strategies, trends, analytics, and sales control systems.

What is a Digital Sphere of Influence?

A Digital Sphere of Influence is what I call the immediate connections that your reputation, in the real world or digitally, naturally allows you to reach. It could be people on the street who have seen your videos on YouTube, friends or family of your previous clients, or someone that saw you speak at a local event.

How do I create familiarity among my audience?

Anyone who’s using social media is doing so with the intent to get to know you personally. They want to see updates about your life, the different techniques you’re using to further your career, or even something as simple as the types of clothes you wear. 
When you share parts of yourself on social media that aren’t immediately related to your business, but still a reflection of yourself, you stay at the ‘top of mind.’ If ever the need arises, you’ve established yourself as the first point of contact before any interaction of the subject has taken place.

Why does this establish my authority?

To put it simply, there are so many details about the Real Estate process that it’s a challenge to cover all of them. The information is so detailed that there’s a wealth of subjects to cover when creating content.

Any Realtor should want to establish themselves as a local authority for facts, answering questions, and being a helping hand through an emotional and confusing process. Every piece of content is further creating the relationship between you and your future clients.

It’s through the use of my digital presence that I'm able to cultivate and establish myself as a first resource for new clients and returning ones. I strive to provide a quality service that makes my clients feel like their family. 

It’s with Remarq that I’ve been able to take my methods to the next level.