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Client Spotlight

Kelly Cipriani

The Modern Demands of Entrepreneurship

Kelly Cipriani is a Realtor, Green Compass Advocate, & Mother in the Triangle area, she focuses on the development of healthy environments, inside and out.

How do you balance your different businesses?

Everything that I pour myself into is done because it’s important to me. To me there is no difference between providing for my own family against creating the opportunity for another parent to take care of their own children. My clients understand that after working with me, I consider us family. 

Whether it’s helping a client purchase a home or creating a healthy internal environment with CBD, my motivation lies in that goal of providing a helpful experience.

Why is this social media so effective for entrepreneurs?

I think it’s in the way these lifestyle choices can be displayed for your networks to see. It’s important to have a demonstration of what it is you’re building. There are others out there like us that will be very enthusiastic about similar interests, and those are the ones you want to reach!

Social media makes it very easy to research who’s engaging with my content, so I can get a better idea of the audience I am most reaching. This information really makes a lot of other choices easier and takes the guesswork out of social media ideas.

Why does this establish my authority?

Using the power of social interaction over the internet has proven to be the most effective method for nurturing those connections. It supports the relationships that allow me to be as helpful as possible. Receiving easy-to-use reports keeps an ease to the decision-making for content creation.

No one wants to miss out on the opportunities to show what you’re capable of.

Remarq keeps it simple and gives me all the information I want to know.