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Client Spotlight

Frank Marina

How Digital Representation Exemplifies Craftsmanship

Frank Marina is Founder of Pro Choice Contractors, a construction company specializing in commercial and residential properties in the Triangle.

Pro Choice Contractors has tackled projects such as the Granville Towers Renovation at UNC Chapel Hill, The Award Winning Rosengarten Park Neighborhood Restoration Project and quite a few high-end homes. Due to an extreme attention-to-detail and relentless ingenuity, Frank spends most of his time creating solutions for his clients and his spare time pursuing a number of interests.

How does social media help your business flourish?

It comes down to how my work is shown to others. I run a business, I don’t have the time to be running around, keeping up on these social networks. That doesn’t mean I don’t understand the importance of them, I just don’t have the bandwidth. This is the primary reason I needed to seek out a team that can handle it for me.

Why is this social media so effective for contractors?

My work is primarily visual. Designing interiors for renovation projects requires the need to see a site before and after the changes have been made. It creates nothing short of more opportunities to build visual authority that already pairs with being as known through word-of-mouth.
Social media is an easy tool to continue to show off these designs to more people.

Why does this establish my authority?

It’s probably because my work is appealing to both professionals and enthusiasts of the craft. People like to see new ideas and new life built into a space. Social media gives opportunities to share a little bit about what I’m passionate about and show off my work.  That’s really what’s most important to me.

No one wants to miss out on the opportunities to show what you’re capable of.

Remarq keeps it simple and gives me all the information I want to know.