February 14, 2022
5 mins

How Can Automation Help My Business?

How Can Automation Help My Business?

Automation is one of the most powerful business tools you don't know about.

When you think of automation, you're probably thinking robots.

Technically, that's not true. However it is a little inaccurate.

Automation [as we define it] refers to removing your attention from remedial / repetitive processes, while ensuring they happens in the correct sequence continuously, forever.

Remarq uses Automation to reduce your number of daily mundane tasks.

A business needs to know how it's running. In the past business would chart their progress by using reports, spreadsheets, & presentations.

Even now, you may be using an app or two to run your business.

Perhaps it's for booking orders, or scheduling employees, or a platform that hosts products for you for a fee.

In solidarity, these apps may be good, maybe even great. But they could be Remarqable.

Remarq has a unique value to offer your business: we can speak the language of these apps.

No, not coding. No programming is necessary. But there is a shared language that all applications speaks.

That's not exactly true. It's a protocol. A rulebook.

If you know the rules that apps can speak, you can get them to speak to each other — automatically!

Your booked orders could send a text message thanking your new client for their appointment. And one more the day before to remind them of it, automatically!

Your scheduling software could be attached to internal email newsletters that begin all on their own and run every week, automatically!

You can run your own e-commerce store with every automation imaginable to cultivate your business all the time — and you reap all the profits!

To put it simply, most businesses are simply leaving too much money & their own time, on the table.

Remarq is tired of meeting businesses who work tirelessly just to stay above water, with too many day-to-day errands that require you to sit on a computer or on your phone all day.

We see better for small businesses who survived the 'new normal'.

We see better for medium businesses who do things the 'old school' way simply because 'this is the way we've always done it'.

We see better for a world that has had to rapidly adopt technology they simply are not used to.

Back to our point — apps can be automated to talk to each other about your business, and you'd be surprised at how much money & time saved that means for you at the end of the day.

By our measurements....

  • We can make 1 employee work like 5...
  • We can make 5 employees work like 25...
  • We can make 10 employees work like... you get the idea.

All of this, with the same software you already use.

With the same computer you already use.

With the same phone you already use.

Give us a call.

Find out what Remarq can do for your business, today!