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about us

The Remarkable breakdown

Who are we and why does it matter?

Remarq is a marketing firm that is focused on developing the digital narratives required to represent your business endeavors. Our team is composed of professionals from various backgrounds, covering a breadth of experience with the depth to create effective digital solutions.

Our Experience Dictates Effectiveness

Let us explain each of our roles in a bit more detail:

Tim M. Clarke

Former NFL Player turned Real Estate Mastermind in the Triangle, Tim is on the cutting-edge of customer satisfaction and finding the solutions to suit anyone looking for their dream home. His expertise is centered on nurturing relationships and pioneering digital presence in his market. 

Frank Marina
Chief Executive Officer

Combining the best of forward-thinking contracting with successful business methods, Frank owns & operates Pro Choice Contractors. His work ranges from assisting in the rehabilitation of Puerto Rico after the devastation of Hurricane Irma to a full restoration of Granville Towers dormitory at UNC Chapel Hill. 

Sunny Su
Vice President of Design

Founder of Paradigm Innovation, Sunny is an award-winning executive designer and creative director, collaborating with top brands like LG, Bosch, Morning Brew, & IBM. His vision is unsurpassed, featured in publications in Forbes, Business Insider, & The Today Show due to his raving success.

Garrett Dailey
Vice President of Operations

Founder of Aion Media & Author of MasterSelf, Garrett combines philosophy with business acumen to develop systems that generate solutions for any application. He produced AionCon, a digital conference with over 30 speakers.

Victor Valentine
Vice President of Marketing

A multi-disciplinary strategist, Victor combines experience in Writing, Branding, Production Direction, Event Coordination & Live Instruction. Paired with an ability to break down complex processes into simple explanations, he encapsulates the essence of narratives into all forms of multimedia during the creative process.

We’ve Got All The Bases Covered

As you can likely determine, the variance of experience with Remarq lends to our effectiveness.  You are already remarkable, let’s ensure you are accurately represented online. 

Let us provide the solution to your problems, today.