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Capturing Narratives Throughout Time

A Page Out Of History

What makes a remarkable story?

Humans have always been familiar with the concept of a good story, quite possibly as long as documented history and oral traditions have existed.

No matter your tribe, culture, or locality, there are stories of humans that were a cut above the rest. They led the way, they were the bravest, they inspired action, they did things which made others take notice. This inspiration took place deep within, there was a calling into the souls of these sought-after individuals that were the innovators, thinkers, visionaries, & explorers.

Those who ventured beyond the known boundaries, those who charted the stars, sailed the great seas, traversed expansive lands, with recollections of goods, materials, stories, and most of all, a reassurance that there are others out there who are seeking the same lifestyle. The same drive. The same passion.

These are the traits which make someone notable to history. Every “famous” person in history has a story, made an effect, or created a change in the world that was worth talking about further beyond their own lifetimes. With the advent of the printing press, this effect has been exponentially more effective.

Marketing Is A Means Of Communication

This study is still relatively new in scope, especially when compared to timeless concepts such as narrative. However, much like the development of narrative throughout history, there is a new age, and a new method of presenting & preserving these details, in perfect condition, indefinitely.

Your story is much like those of heroes long since passed. We capture the smallest details to ensure nothing gets left out. Modern marketing is much too dry in its presentation. Remarq is of the belief that this is going to soon change for the better, and we see you having a hand in crafting a special narrative which will serve beneficial to your audience and legacy.

Stories have settings, context, narratives, senses. We tell stories that engross the mind in details which replicate the experience.

Keep Your Legacy At The Forefront

Do you know what is missing from the conversation on your local coffee shop’s Instagram?  There are plenty of stories and details that may go overlooked.

Who's going to know that a countertop was sanded by the owner’s grandfather pre-WWII before he went to war, other than Ol’ Joe, sitting at the end of the bar each Saturday morning for the last 45 years? Who's going to know that this is the place where he met his wife as a strapping young lad? Such exquisite and rich history should not go overlooked.

Digital Presence Is More Important Now Than Ever

Consider the impact of recent events like SARS-CoV-II, a Coronavirus which stands to decimate small businesses as they close during quarantine. Many entrepreneurs, business owners, and employers cannot remain out of business without at least attempting to stay relevant in the minds of their customers online.

The only hope to keeping your business is getting your story out in front of the people who want to see your content. Strategies need to be put in place when it comes to content creation and the representation of your narrative online.

This is where we come in.

How Does Social Media Help Business?

It’s never been more important to develop a social media strategy than now. Your customers are already online, already scrolling timelines. The survival of your company relies on your ability to remind your patrons that you still exist. Luckily, there are features of social media which enable your success, if handled properly.

The most important is the data.

Your social media profiles serve up all the data you could ever need to target your audience and adjust content strategies accordingly. This is a double-edged sword because it is not always easy to dig through the pages and options to find out what needs to be known while running a business.

Introducing The Benchmarq, a bi-weekly report which clears up the confusion by simplifying your entire digital content strategy in a one-page document.

Our solution includes:

• Weekly Social Media Reporting
• Bi-Weekly Strategy & Planning Conference Calls
• Marketing Costs & ROI Analysis
• Centrally-Located Social Media Reporting
• Cost-Effective Market Analysis & Data Reporting
• Target Market Identification

In a time like this, digital presence can be the saving grace to your business. 

Ready to see what it can do for you?

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